Guest, Immediate and Extended Family Privileges

A member, his or her spouse/partner and their unmarried children, under the age of 23 who are living at home, attending school on a full-time basis or serving in the military, are entitled to membership privileges. Your extended family (parents, adult children who do not fall under the definition of immediate family, grandparents and grandchildren of the member and spouse and the spouses of such family members) is also entitled to use the Club Facilities upon payment of reduced greens fees and any applicable user fees. Members may have accompanied guests use the Club Facilities in accordance with the member’s category of membership and the Rules and Regulations of the Club. The Club may limit the number of guests and the number of times a particular guest may use the Club Facilities during each membership year. The member is responsible for the payment of charges incurred but not paid by his or her guests, including any applicable daily guest fees established by the Club. Members are responsible for the conduct of their guests.