Transferability or Resignation of Membership

Memberships are transferable through the Club to the subsequent purchaser of a member’s residence or home site in the Vaquero Community. If an equity membership is transferred in conjunction with the sale of a residence or home site, the purchaser is subject to approval by the Club through the membership application process.

An Equity Member may transfer his or her membership through the Club to his or her adult child over the age of 18 without any additional membership contribution. The transfer is subject to the approval of the Club and the current transfer fee is applicable. The membership will not be subject to a wait list or resigned list. Upon death, a spouse may continue as a member without payment of any additional purchase price. If the member is not survived by a spouse, then the legatee or heir of the membership certificate, if approved by the Club, will have the right to acquire the membership without the payment of any additional purchase price.

A resigned membership will be placed on a waiting list and will be reissued on a first-resigned, first-reissued basis, unless the member arranges for the subsequent purchaser of his or her residence or home site in Vaquero to acquire his or her membership.

Disclaimer: This is a general description of the Club and the memberships available. This content is provided for informational purposes only and may not be relied upon as a basis for a decision to acquire a residence or home site in the Vaquero Community or membership in The Vaquero Club, Inc. The complete Membership Plan for The Vaquero Club, Inc. is available upon request.